Today, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is everywhere, on every stretch of water deep enough to dig a paddle into.  And folks continue to enjoy time on the water with their pets.  We have seen dogs, cats, pigs, turtles, seals and manatees all getting in on the action.  But it’s our canine companions that enjoy it the most and just the excitement they display when they know where they are going is motivation enough to get out on the water.  Here at Blue Dog Yoga, our furry friends always take centre stage, not just in our name!  So we couldn't let the summer go by without adding a SUP & PUP club! For a great article on SUP with your PUP, check out the following article:  For our Caledon Village SUP & PUP club, here's what you need to know if you want to give it a try:

  • Your dog must wear a life jacket.  This is a must even if your dog is a good swimmer.  Limited numbers of doggie life jackets are available for a small fee.

  • If you don't have a paddle board, that's OK, board rentals are also available.  

  • Neither you or your dog have been on a paddle board before?  That's OK!  On Tuesday, July 7, Dog Trainers from Bold Canine will be available to assist your dog in learning to become comfortable on a paddle board.  And of course I am a certified paddle board instructor, so I can give both of you lots of tips to make the paddling experience a PAW-sitive experience for you and your dog!


WHEN: 9:30am to 10:45am every Tuesday in July and August

WHERE: C3 JAMES DICK QUARRY, 18060 Hurontario St., just south of Caledon Village.

COST: $10 plus tax.  All session fees go to support the Upper Credit Humane Society.  For more information about them go to: Upper Credit Humane Society


To book your session (sorry, there's no cash because of COVID) or to rent a doggie life jacket ($5) or paddle board ($10), go to the following link:



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