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Blue Dog Yoga was founded by Caron Shepley. Caron has an honours degree in physical education and is currently Corporate Director of Personal Best, a health and fitness consulting company located in Toronto, Ontario. In her spare time, Caron trains for triathlons. She is an 8 time Ironman Triathlon finisher and won a silver medal for Canada at the world Triathlon Championships in 1997. Drawing from her kinesiology background and several years as a Ironman triathlete, Caron has developed an athletic style of yoga which focuses on increasing strength, power and muscle balance. Caron's classes are attended by all sorts of athletes, from beginners to Olympic level.

New - 10 minutes to Zen

Enjoy our free yoga classes on youtube, more being added soon.


10 MINUTES 2 ZEN VIDEO - Happy Hips

10 MINUTES 2 ZEN VIDEO - Aloha Vinyasas

10 MINUTES 2 ZEN VIDEO - Strong Stabilizers

10 MINUTES 2 ZEN - Strong Core


Caron's 10 Essential Excersices...


If you only have limited time, try this simple and quick services of exercises 3-4 times per week to improve your core strength and stability:


  1. Balancing - Knee up to Airplane
  2. Toe Raises
  3. Heel Walk
  4. Lunges
  5. Cross Over Crunches with Leg Cycle
  6. Bird Cages
  7. Supermans
  8. Cobra Pushups
  9. Side Leg Raises
  10. Side Leg Extensions



I am always trying to find new and better workouts to improve my core strength and flexibility and Caron's program is an integral part of my weekly routine."

Attila Buday, Canadian Olympian - 1996, 2000, 2004 

At the last Mega-Training Day, my heart rate was higher in Caron's yoga class than it was in the 3 hour bike!"

Gerry Lashley, Age Group Triathlete

As an Olympic coach I have always believed part of my responsibility was to find the most up to date ethical ways of helping my athletes improve their athletic performances.  Three years ago I asked Caron to create a program that improved my athlete’s core strength, reduced their injuries and enhanced their flexibility.  My elite athletes gladly agreed to be guinea pigs in the development of Caron’s Power Yoga for Endurance Athletes program.  In the last two years we have had less injuries, and our greatest season of athletic accomplishments.  I always tell my athletes “if you want to train harder you must recover harder”.  Caron’s program is the perfect compliment for athletes who work hard at their sport and are still looking for ways to gain more benefits.  My bet is that like my athletes, you will find Caron’s program will make a significant difference in your performance and your missed days due to injury."

Barrie Shepley, 2x Canadian Coach of the Year, Sydney Olympic Coach


Finally fitted in the yoga DVD. I have attended several yoga classes in the past and dropped out but your DVD is not heading for the shelf. The movements are clearly explained, visually easy to follow and lots of challenge. I am hoping it will help me with the 3,700 steps in the China marathon (or half if it's too hot) this May. 

Thanks again for taking the time to prepare it."

Ann, Marathon Runner